svtVehicle Tracking add-on Features.

   Different and possible options with customization can be developed as per your expectation with our device of Vehicle Tracking System. Here are some add-on features like spy-call and panic alert provided with our Vehicle Tracking Device. Please continue reading below for more details of the product.


  Spy Call Feature is an add-on-feature, Which helps you know the conversation going in the car. A hidden mic is installed in the car. When you send a Command to device through sms to activate the voice call. You get a call from the device and you can hear the conversation in the vehicle. The mic used is of high quality which can capture the voice of very low volume.

  1. You Get all the facilities of BASIC DEVICE with an Add-On-Feature of Spy-Call.
  2. Send Command to device through SMS
  3. You Get a call from device
  4. You can easily hear the conversation going on in the car.
  5. The command is accepted by device to activate Spy-Call only if it receives it from your Cell Number.
  6. High Quality mic with wide range is used
  7. Noise reduction tech for clear voice.
  8. Can capture the voice of very low frequency.


  For lone workers in isolated locations, a panic button can literally mean the difference between life and death. As a responsible employer, you no doubt recognise the importance of protecting lone workers and the role a panic button can play in ensuring their safety.Now you can give them - and you - even more peace of mind by linking the panic button to your vehicle tracking system. As well as getting an email and an immediate on-screen alert, you can set the system to freeze when the panic button pop-up appears to make sure that appropriate action is taken by office staff. You can even configure the system to send a text message to your phone so can be confident you will never miss an alert.

  1. You Get all the facilities of BASIC DEVICE with an Add-On-Feature of Panic-Button.
  2. Panic button is mostly installed behind driver seat where the passenger can have an easy access to press it in emergency.
  3. A green light led is provided to identify it.
  4. When the panic-button is pressed in no time you get an alert of emergency warning with vehicle no, and its location to your email and mobile phone through SMS.
  5. Further you can quickly activate the spy-call to hear the conversation in car and take proper steps to ensure the safety of passanger and driver.
  6. This system is mostly recommended to public transport vehicles.

Full-Featured Device.

In this system you get all the features and their reports which are mentioned above.

  1. Current Vehicle Status
  2. Current Vehicle Speed
  3. Vehicle ignition on/off
  4. Current Location of Vehicle in record
  5. Current Location of Vehicle on Map with terrian and satellite view.
  6. Current Odometer reading
  7. Vehicle internal Battery volt.
  8. Device internal Battery volt.
  9. GPRS Strength.
  10. Trip Report
  11. Date wise Run report in record and on map.
  12. Trip Report with total required run time and total kilometer running during the trip or in between dates with average speed.
  13. Access to the record of last six months from installation date.
  14. Vehicle idle report
  15. Speed Violation report
  16. Current fuel reading (digital)
  17. Fuel-filled & wasted report with date, time and place.
  18. Vehicle Im-mobilized date & time report
  19. Vehicle Im-mobilized Status
  20. Spy-call feature* & Panic alert*.
  21. A/C on/off Reports with live Status *(Stand alone device available)
  22. Summary Report.

* Very importantly we provide Driver Behaviour Report* Which will help you take proper precautions.

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  • Construction

  • Lease Machinery
  • Backhoe Loader(JCB, Escort...)
  • Pick and Carry Crane (JCB, Escort...)
  • Tracked Excavator
  • Public Transport

  • Pick & Drop Vehicles (Panic alert)
  • School Buses
  • Cab Services
  • Travels (Long Run)