svtSpeed Governor for Vehicles

What is Speed Governor ?

  1. An attachment to a machine for automatic control or limitation of speed. A device giving automatic control (as of pressure or temperature).
  2. A Governor is a device which controls the energy source to a prime mover to control its power for a specific purpose.
  3. Basic governors sense speed and sometimes load of a prime mover and adjust the energy source to maintain the desired level.
  4. Advanced governors are often referred to as Control Systems.

Speed Governor are available in both Electronic & Manual moduels and we provide both.

Advantages of Speed Governor

The advantages of road Speed Governor are:

  1. Reduced accident risk due to limitation of the maximum vehicle speed.
  2. Decreased environmental pollution due to minimized pollutant emissions.
  3. Driver is able to devote full attention to the traffic environment, because there is no need to monitor speed visually.
  4. Easy installation of retrofit systems.
  5. More than 30 years experience in speed limiter devices and directives worldwide.
  6. Lower operating costs as a consequence of
    1. reduced wear.
    2. reduced fuel consumption.
    3. lower service costs.
    4. longer vehicle lifetime.
    5. elimination of fines for speeding.

Speed Governor applicable for :

  1. School Bus
  2. Travels
  3. Pick & Drop vehicle (in companies)
  4. Goods Transport Vehicles, like trucks, tempo, containers...
  5. Any Type of Vehicle enggaged in Public or Goods Transport.
Approved list of Vehicles : Download

News About Speed Governor

Maharashtra has over 15 lakh transport vehicles registered in regional transport offices. Every vehicle has to be sent for an inspection and certification once in 3 years. The government has now announced that the regional transport authority will allow vehicles to get registered only if it has a speed governor installed which restricts the vehicle's speed to 50 kilometers per hour...Ref. The Economics Times. Read More

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  • Construction

  • Lease Machinery
  • Backhoe Loader(JCB, Escort...)
  • Pick and Carry Crane (JCB, Escort...)
  • Tracked Excavator
  • Public Transport

  • Pick & Drop Vehicles (Panic alert)
  • School Buses
  • Cab Services
  • Travels (Long Run)