svt SVTRACK Products

Vehicle Tracking System

  1. Home Made Device
  2. Inbuilt GPS & GSM Antennas
  3. Best user friendly application with customized reports.
  4. Internal Battery Back-up.
  5. Easy alerts through e-mail and sms
  6. No data loss gaurenteed.
  7. Driver Behaviour Report.
  8. Trip Managment system.
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Incar Navigation

  1. Available in different Size with different features.
  2. Voice Navigation.
  3. Best features like video, audio, 3d nav and rear camera attachment.
  4. Fully updated maps and roads,.
  5. Bluetooth connectivity.
  6. A perfect companion for you journey
  7. One year Standard warranty.
  8. Zero Maintainence and no monthly charges.
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Marketing Solutions

  1. Locate Marketing Person.
  2. Confirmation of scheduled meeting updates.
  3. Get reports of meeting updated to server, soon after the meeting.
  4. Prior information about two different meeting scheduled at same time..
  5. All process is implemented over the air using GPS, GPRS and SMS.
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Other Gadgets

  1. Collect Date of Machine like, Productivity, on/off, Last calliberation details...
  2. Operate the machine through SMS and get the reports through same..
  3. Water pump controlled by remote or sms..
  4. RFID: Active and Passive.
  5. All process is implemented over the air using GPRS and SMS.
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  • Construction

  • Lease Machinery
  • Backhoe Loader(JCB, Escort...)
  • Pick and Carry Crane (JCB, Escort...)
  • Tracked Excavator
  • Public Transport

  • Pick & Drop Vehicles (Panic alert)
  • School Buses
  • Cab Services
  • Travels (Long Run)