svt SVTRACK Electronics & GPS Systems

  SVTrack is one of the most trusted brand in Electronics and GPS systems. SVTrack deals in Vehicle Tracking System, Personal Tracker & other customized products. We are considered by default to solve the issues of our customer on major parts of Safety, Security and Saving related to Machine handling or Vehicles, Reporting, Productivity and Maintenance.

  SVTrack stand unique with our every product as they are configured and featured considering every minute requirement of our customers. Every application is designed with a user friendly interface. Reports are well managed and arranged in a manner where you can find the every important detail in the record, at a glance. Our expert team engaged in development has made it possible for you to get the reports, operate the machine and control it with a command over the air.

  SVTrack is a company specializing in easy-to-use, practical wireless solutions that combine advanced technology, telecommunications, and digital data for the protection and management of people, fleets of vehicles, containers and assets.

   SVTrack Products: Vehicle Tracking System; Speed Governor, RFID solutions, Marketing Solution...etc.

  • Construction

  • Lease Machinery
  • Backhoe Loader(JCB, Escort...)
  • Pick and Carry Crane (JCB, Escort...)
  • Tracked Excavator
  • Public Transport

  • Pick & Drop Vehicles (Panic alert)
  • School Buses
  • Cab Services
  • Travels (Long Run)